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21.-22.4. Energy Tech Summit Vilnius
22.4. Kasvu Open, sparring day 1 Helsinki
6.-7.5. Ecosummit Berlin
20.5. Kasvu Open, sparring day 2 Helsinki
26.-27.5. Arctic Startup Helsinki
8.-12.6. London Tech Week London
7.-8.7. Future Mobility Europe London
13.-14.8. High Tech Venture Days Dresden
7.-11.9. STHLM TECH FEST Stockholm
23.-27.9. Oslo Innovation Week Oslo
20.-22.10. Energia 2020 Tampere
27.-29.10. European Utility Week Milan
29.-30.10. Nordic Energy Forum Helsinki
4.-5.11. The Business Booster Berlin
19.-20.11. Slush Helsinki
5.12. Techstars Energy Accelerator Oslo


Helen is a world leader in urban energy. Now we are supercharging new frontiers with Helen Ventures.

Helen has a long track record of developing efficient energy platforms. Helen has created pioneering solutions for producing, storing and optimising energy in demanding urban environments. Helen’s energy production has been awarded as the most efficient in the world, and our current target is 100% carbon neutrality by 2035.

Helen is a forerunner in new energy solutions. The first two-way V2G charging point for electric vehicles in Finland was installed by Helen. It is also the first company in Finland to offer solar panels and energy storage for consumers.

Now Helen will join forces with innovative growth companies which aim to disrupt the energy sector. 

Helen Ventures exists for renewal and growth. We are passionate about creating smarter and cleaner solutions which solve the energy challenges we all face. Our goal is to create a revolutionary carbon-neutral future together.

We bring corporate venture capital to a new era. Our partnership is more than financing for new energy solutions. We partner strategically with growth companies, build talented teams together and support with customer acquisition. We connect talent and ideas, open doors to new possibilities and provide partners and start-ups access to exciting pilots. 

Carbon neutral energy is around the corner. Helen and Helen Ventures are committed in reaching carbon neutrality in under 15 years. Helen Ventures’ goal is to drive the disruption in the energy sector. We promise to supercharge the future together.

We will invest up to 50 million euros in world-changing technologies. Join forces with us.


Crew member

Terhi Vapola, Vice President of Helen Ventures

Terhi has extensive and diverse experience from technological innovations, the start-up world and investing in growth companies. She runs the business and development of Helen Ventures.

Other key positions and memberships
• Senior Advisor and Partner and ex-CEO, Springvest Oy
• Board member, Vaana
• CEO and Chairwoman of the Board, VV Holding Oy
• Member and Lead Angel of Finnish Business Angels Network (FiBAN)
• Partner, Hallituspartnerit
• Observer Member of the Board, Liikennevirta