&Charge is an engagement and value-added service platform for e-Mobility in Europe. The company provides cutting edge solutions for B2C and B2B EV charging and focuses on two major streams: 1) Being the companion for EV charging, and 2) Offering a one-stop-shop-platform for value-added EV services.

Founded: 2019
Headquarters: Frankfurt, Germany

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World's first open, hardware-agnostic IoT operating system for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. 

EcoG's mission is to help EV charger manufacturers, to shape the future of e-Mobility, and to make EV charging profitable.

Founded: 2017
Headquarters: Munich, Germany

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enspired is a fully digital energy trading-as-a-service company headquartered in Vienna. They drive the energy transition by enabling their clients to bring flexible assets to power spot markets and capture their full value with enspired's AI-based trading services.

Founded: 2020
Headquarters: Vienna, Austria

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eologix-Ping supports wind energy generation by developing innovative solutions for permanent and accurate monitoring of rotor blade health and operation. The company offers a holistic blade health monitoring system with smart and innovative sensor systems placed on the tower, in the blade, and on the blade. This system allows for continuous monitoring of the condition and operation of rotor blades.

Founded: 2014
Headquarters: Graz, Austria

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Freesi is a leading indoor climate monitoring and optimisation solution provider that combines AI-powered software with engineering expertise. Freesi's solution helps property owners & managers monitor, analyse, and optimise their building portfolio’s indoor climate, and achieve their ESG objectives related to social sustainability.

Founded: 2017
Headquarters: Espoo, Finland

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Gradyent is an AI-enabled cloud platform that improves heating networks in terms of efficiency and reliability.

Gradyent’s vision is that breakthrough energy savings can be achieved by its advanced design, modelling and control techniques, which are now rapidly driving impact at a growing number of networks.

Founded: 2019
Headquarters: Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Klimate is in business to reverse climate change by removing as much CO2 from the atmosphere as possible, as permanently as possible. Klimate helps companies achieve Net Zero by combining the world's best carbon removal methods into portfolios that match their clients' budgets and ambitions. Through Klimate's portfolios, companies can remove CO2 from the atmosphere that corresponds to their unavoidable emissions. This helps scale these much-needed carbon removal methods that are crucial to reverse global warming.

Founded: 2020
Headquarters: Copenhagen, Denmark

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LiveEO uses satellite imagery to provide innovative infrastructure monitoring in the verticals railway, electricity, and pipelines. Their solution empowers the operators to save in operational expenses by observing dangers from vegetation, height changes, and third party interactions along the network.

Founded: 2017
Headquarters: Berlin, Germany

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node.energy builds SaaS solutions for the planning and the management of decentralized energy systems. Their software solutions helps utilities become the digital full-servive provider for the decentralized energy future.

Founded: 2016

Headquarters: Frankfurt, Germany

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Renewcast is an innovative Italian company specializing in advanced wind power generation forecasting. The company is at the forefront of this technology with its proprietary SaaS AI/Deep Learning platform, enabling more accurate day-ahead and intra-day wind production forecasting based on existing weather data. This results in significant cost savings for balancing.

Founded: 2020

Headquarters: Rome, Italy

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Solar Monkey

Solar Monkey drives the solar energy transition through innovative software. Since 2016 their market leading B2B SaaS product has allowed solar installers to work much more efficiently. The product incorporates features from remote design and quotation to project management and monitoring. Processes that used to take hours now only take minutes. Thousands of users across Europe benefit from the software, and the Solar Monkey team is ready to expand this impact further!

Founded: 2016
Headquarters: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Think Outside's solution offers more accurate information on the quantity of water stored in snow to hydropower companies, which helps them in optimizing energy production.

The solution consists of ground radar technology, both stationary and through mobile surveys coupled with satellite data through Think Outside partnerships.

Founded: 2017
Headquarters: Bergen, Norway

Exited to Mitta Group in 2022.

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Virta empowers its customers to support electric vehicles and renewable energy.

Virta has received awards for the smartest services, best technology innovations, the most remarkable product brand and the finest pitch in an ice hole.

Founded: 2013
Headquarters: Helsinki, Finland

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Voltfang provides a solution to both the battery recycling problem and the energy transition with its high-quality energy storage systems made from used electric vehicle batteries. The company integrates used electric vehicle batteries after their end of life in the car into stationary storage systems to increase their lifespan, which can then be used by SMEs to store renewable energies and stabilize the grid by peak shaving or load shifting, helping clients to reduce the ecological footprint and promoting ecological conservation.

Founded: 2021
Headquarters: Aachen, Germany

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